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At the market

I wanted to thank everybody who came to the Forks Market to support me and to check out my spring collection. It was 2 days full of meeting great new people and having a chance to show off my work. I even managed to participate in the chocolate festival and taste some incredible chocolate treats. The Forks Market really is an inspiring place to be at. I am planning on being back to sell my work at the Forks a few times this summer by participating in the Outdoor Farmers Market.

If you missed me this week-end and are looking for the perfect gift for mother’s day just give me a call or send me a quick e-mail to arrange a time to come by my studio (p. 204.510.3939,



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It can be hard to come home after a long day at work and still have the energy to create. I have been feeling less and less like an artist over the last couple of years because I just didn’t have enough time for it. Last winter I started designing jewelry and something happened again. I couldn’t stop thinking about designs and would dream of new ideas. I started carrying my sketch book with me at all times again and the ideas just keep coming. The inspiration has spilled into all the other mediums of my work. I have been creating day and night. I am an artist with every fiber of my body and it’s all I think about. It feels wonderful. I feel so inspired by life!

Here are a few purses and bags I created last week. My line of bags are made from reused materials. If you would like to find out the story behind any of the bags please let me know and I can tell what they were in their previous lives. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them!

Look out for a sneak peak of the jewelry I have been working on all week-end! I will post some images in the next few days!

Ciao for now!

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Studio Tour

A few times a year the “In Plain View Studio Tour” takes place. You can take a self-guided tour and visit artists in their studio environments and view original art in the setting in which it is created. The final date this year is coming up on June 5/6. I just signed-up to participate as an artist, so if you are interested in seeing my work you can come by my studio between noon and 5:00 on June 5 or 6. My studio is located in the Exchange at the cre8ery gallery, 2nd floor – 125 Adelaide. I have designed some new eco purses and jewelry, so take advantage of the tour and come by to check them out. Click on this link to see a list of other artists participating within cre8ery. If you want to find out more about the tour overall go to

Enjoy the tour!

Ciao for now!