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Two weeks until the opening – Healing Power

Two weeks from today my newest exhibition will open. It will be a different experience just like everything else in the past 18 months. There won’t be an opening reception and the exhibition will just be open during regular gallery hours September 2-14. I will be at the gallery Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoons and the gallery will also be open Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Masks are mandatory so it might take me a minute longer to recognize you hahaha

To read more about the exhibition please check out the previous blog entry. Here is a sneak peek of a few of the works included in the exhibition. I hope to see you at the exhibition!

Take care of yourself and make sure to spend time in nature!

trustingly sheltered – embroidery on surgical mask, 11”x4” unframed or 16”x12” framed
joyfully grateful – oil on canvas, 48” x 30”
optimistically serious – watercolour, archival ink and graphite on 140lb Canson watercolour paper, 9”x12” unframed or 16”x20” framed
exhibition poster with details
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Upcoming exhibition

It’s been a pretty tough 18 months for all of us and I am so grateful for the escape my art provides to me.

This newest series of work was born June 2020 in a remote cabin in Northern Manitoba. Surrounded by nature and being
truly unplugged for the first time during these unstable times, I felt my stress levels reduce dramatically.

Research has long shown that exposure to nature reduces cortisol hormone levels, boosts endorphin levels and dopamine production and many of us have experienced these positive effects firsthand over the past year and a half.

These new works are my response to the world-wide pandemic, ongoing environmental crisis, and the increased human divide. They explore the beauty of nature and wildlife, the relief this beauty provides during tough times, and the hope it symbolizes for humans to live in peace with each other and nature.

The delicate watercolor paintings are abstract washes of bright and happy colors, loosely indicating nature and flowers. I have added layers of illustrations in pen and graphite to add more organic detail, before adding drawings of Manitoba birds and insects in black ink, together with hand-embroidered plants. The animal illustrations consist of simple line drawings and geometric patterns inspired by folk art from all over the world, including Swiss Bauernmalerei and paper cuts. The paintings are light, whimsical, and beautiful and create a stark contrast to the dark and stressful state of our current reality.

The series also includes a small edition of hand-embroidered surgical masks, which reflect the harsh realities of today’s world. Masks, sterile and medical in nature are in obvious dissimilarity to the colorful and pretty embroidered flowers.

My hope is to offer some joy, relief and hope to the viewer through these delicate and pretty creations.

This exhibition is dedicated to my godmother Rosmarie. If we are lucky we get to share our lives with people who we love unconditionally and who influence who we become. When they leave, the world has a little bit less light and will never be the same. They live on in our hearts and continue to influence us in profound ways.

The exhibition will take place from Sept. 2-14 at cre8ery gallery, 125 Adelaide Street (2nd floor) in Winnipeg. As of right now Covid-19 restrictions do not allow for a vernissage/opening reception but things could still change. Make sure to check back for updates. As of right now the exhibition will be open Sept. 2-14 Tuesday to Friday noon until 6pm and Saturday noon until 5. If you want to come to the gallery while I am there come by Thursdays, Fridays or Saturdays!

I hope to see you,

Take care of yourself and make sure to spend time in nature!