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Etsy store -In honour of Cesar Millan

Finally after opening my etsy account 5 months ago I have uploaded my first item for sale.

In honour of the “dog whisperer” being in town tonight (can’t wait to learn more about becoming a better pack leader!), I have selected the first item to be an eco-friendly name tag for you dog!

This is the prefect gift, especially with Christmas coming, for your pet or for one of your packleader friends. The pet name tag is part of my line of jewelry made from recycled silver.

Visit my etsy store at to order your custom name tag today!


3 thoughts on “Etsy store -In honour of Cesar Millan

  1. Congrats!!! I’m so happy for you and I can’t wait to see the blooming success of your shop. My mom absolutely loved her pendant!


    1. Thanks Lenore! That’s wonderful that your mom really loves her pendant! 🙂

  2. Ca-ute photo of Luna.

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