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Wave Artists’ Studio Tour

I had missed the first of the two dates for the Wave Artists’ Studio Tour due to our trip to Europe. I was very excited about going for a drive and checking out some local artists’ studios. We had a bit of a late start and didn’t leave the city until after 2:00 p.m. but at least we would get to hit a few studios on our way up to Gimli. Our first stop was Tim Schouten‘s studio close to Petersfield. I had seen Tim do a presentation on encaustic painting at the WAG earlier this year and totally fell in love with this ancient medium and his work. I was very excited to see his studio and was not disappointed. His property and office space are really wonderful and I am hoping to participate in one of his workshops in the future. I would love to explore encaustic painting. I really love the texture and depth that this medium gives paintings. From there we went on to visit the H.RogueRaiders Studio Gallery in Winnipeg Beach. 5 female artists are part of this studio all drawing from their European cultural heritage. I got to meet Helma Rogge Rehders, one of the founders of the Wave studio tour. I even ran into Jolanta Sokalska with whom I share my studio space at cre8ery with. We drove on to Gimli where we visited two more studios. We started out with Suzanne Barrow’s studio, who’s prairie skies were very inspiring. It was nice to see another artist being inspired by the prairie sky and to see her interpretation. From there we went to the Mermaid’s Kiss Gallery and I totally fell in love with the limited editions photography of Linda Vermeulen. Just beautiful treatments on these photographs. My favorites are “Don’t look back” and “The Darkening”. Our last stop was the Gimli Art Club/Gallery. We ended our day with having dinner on a picnic table on the beach. Listening to the waves and feeling the wind in our hair. It was a wonderful day and it was a pleasure meeting some fellow local artists.


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