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Day 6 – on our way to Elba

We took a train ride along the coast from Rome to Piombino. It was wonderful to see the mediterranean again – it’s been a while! Once we entered Tuscany the landscape was just like I had always imagined. Beautiful vineyards, lots of bright colors and of course cypress lined roads. Absolutely stunning and so inspiring. I have been drawing cypress trees ever since we got back from our trip. Once we got to Piombino we took a ferry to the island of Elba. We sat on the top deck and enjoyed the wonderful view while eating a prosciutto sandwich (fresh baguette). Oh so good!

Once on the island we took a taxi windy road up into the hills along the coast to our hotel. I was so surprised about how lush and green the island is. We spent the rest of the day swimming in the mediterranean and just enjoying relaxing. We ended the night with a beautiful 4 course meal at the hotel and a bottle of red wine from a local vineyard that was seriously the best wine I have ever had.

Here are a few pictures. More pictures of Elba to follow.


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