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Day 5 in Roma

Our last day in Roma! We had pretty much seen everything we wanted to and also had enough time to just stroll around the different neighbourhoods.

We had been hoping for a bit of a cooler day to go to the Roman Forum and the Imperial Fora, but not luck. So went anyway and spent hours in the unbearable heat taking in the site of the once bustling heart of ancient political, judicial and commercial power. We had to take frequent breaks and we tried to find shade under some trees. At one point I sat down in midst a group of teenagers from Germany, which turned out really well because their teacher was telling them all about the history of this fabulous place. I enjoyed just sitting in the shade and listening to a mini history lecture in my first language. We ended our last night with a really great dinner. After dinner we walked to the Colosseum one last time and enjoyed the night.

Here are a few pics. Enjoy and see you tomorrow on our way to Elba!


2 thoughts on “Day 5 in Roma

  1. Oh Anja, the pictures are absolutely stunning! I must go there someday!


  2. WOW….love these pictures….the first one screams surrealist painting!

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