Hi and welcome to my store!

My name is Anja and I am a Swiss artist living in Winnipeg, Canada. I share my home with my husband and our two dogs.

I studied fine arts at the École de design et haute école d’art du Valais (édhéa, formerly known as ECAV) in Switzerland and photography at Red River College in Canada.

My art is inspired by nature, wildlife and environmental activism. My past exhibitions have focused on human existence through abstract landscapes and animal portraits and my most current series of work is all about the negative impact we as humans have on the wildlife we share this world with.

In 2018 I started designing home goods featuring my illustrations in the hope to raise money to actively contribute to the protection of our wildlife. My designs are rooted in memories of quality products used by my grandparents in Switzerland. My line of home goods include handmade reusable products that will help you reduce waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle.  The line includes enamel mugs (made in Europe), Swedish dishcloths, hand-printed aprons, tote bags, and other textiles. The textiles are made from organic cotton grown and sewn by a coop in India. It is so import to me to use sustainable quality products to ensure I do my part in protecting nature – my source of inspiration.

10% of the net profit from any of your purchases will be donated to a local Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre non-profit, whose main goal it is to treat injured and orphaned wildlife and to successfully release them back into their natural habitat.

Thanks for visiting my store and for helping protect what you love.



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  1. Anja

    Went right away to your site. I love your pieces! You have such talent! Keep it up it’s very inspiring!

    1. Thanks Barb for the kind words!

  2. so proud…… love my sister
    all the best for 2012

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