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Labour of love

A month or so ago K. and I went hunting for a new entrance door for our house. I had something very specific in mind and wasn’t sure I was going to find it. We went to the Old House Revival Co. and like almost always we found exactly what we were looking for. Actually the door we found was better than I had imagined. We loaded into our car and drove it home. Once we got it home the work started. I spent a lot of hours gluing, filling, sanding and finally painting. Now the door is installed and finished and I thought I would share some picture of my labour of love “My yellow door”! Yellow is one of my favorite colors and just says happiness to me. I hope that it puts a smile on people’s face as they are walking by. I know it does it for me every time I come home. Enjoy the before and after pictures!

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4 thoughts on “Labour of love

  1. It looks great! So sunshiney and happy. Especially with little Luna sitting in front of it. 🙂

  2. AHH! I LOVE IT. It’s just as gorgeous as you described 🙂

  3. What a fantastic find. I really love the detailing and style of the door- and to paint it yellow is just perfection!
    I love the way the surrounding green compliments it well-
    Great project- glad to have found your blog via L’s post. Nice to meet you!

    1. Hi Ren,
      Nice to meet you too! Thanks for your kind words. I checked out your blog and really enjoyed it. Where in Switzerland did you live? I am going home to Switzerland tomorrow and can’t wait! Take care and make sure to come back to my blog. I will have lots of Europe pictures on it once I am back!

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