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My jewelry

About 5 months ago I started designing silver jewelry. I thought I would share a look at some of the pieces I have created. A side from being an artist I have always wanted to become a goldsmith. A little bit of that dream is coming true and I absolutely love it! Enjoy and let me know if you are interested in purchasing any pieces. You can contact me at

By the way the jewelry is made from recycled silver that is collected from photographic supplies and computer circuit boards. Beautiful jewelry that makes you feel good about yourself and the environment!

4 thoughts on “My jewelry

  1. I didn’t realize the silver was recycled from photo chemicals, that’s awesome! I like it even more now! I want another piece, I need to look at what you’ve made since I last saw your collection!

    1. They take the silver out of a variety of sources from old film to computers. Satisfies my inner hippi! 🙂 Come by any time to check out a few things. I am planning on working on some jewelry this week-end! Anja

  2. very cool! we need to talk when we see each other about some product dvpt. for EE

    1. Sounds great! Let’s talk at the next product shoot. I would love to develop some jewelry for your company! That would be fun!

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