Day 2 in Roma

After having a wonderful first night in Rome filled with great food and a beautiful walk along the river (fiume tevere) we got a good night sleep and were ready to do more exploring the next day. After walking to the Stazione Centrale to make all of our train reservations we spent the next 10 hours walking through the beautiful streets of Roma. We saw beautiful churches (Santa Maria degli Angeli, Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Maria delle Vittoria), the Terme di Diocleziano & Aula Ottagona, an exhibition on modern religious art, Monte Capitolino and Villa Borghese. We finished the night with a wonderful dinner, a bottle of red wine and some dessert, before falling into bed exhausted but so inspired by the beauty of Roma.

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!


Back from traveling

You have probably been wondering why I haven’t been blogging over the last month. I have been traveling around Europe. 2 weeks Italy and then 2 weeks Switzerland. We have had a wonderful time and it was incredibly inspiring and relaxing. I enjoyed seeing my family and spending time with them. Merci fer alles!

I love traveling with K. and I love showing him parts of Europe he hasn’t seen yet. By showing him where I grew up, I feel that he gets a better understanding of who I am. It also reminds me where I come from and it helps me feel rooted. Don’t know if that makes sense to you guys. I do find it hard to live somewhere so far away from my home. I am European through and through and I have to admit that most days I feel a bit like a fish out of water here. So those yearly trips back home are my oxygen. I come back refreshed and inspired, ready to create again!

Here are a few pictures of our first few hours in Rome, where we started our trip. I hope you enjoy them and make sure to check back for some more Europe pictures. I will post a few from every day of our trip.


my sketchbook

The sketchbook – it’s like oxygen to every artist. My dad used to say to me that I should never leave the house without my Swiss Army knife. Many years ago I added one more thing to my Swiss Army knife – a sketchbook. There is always one in my bag. I have many different sketch books, different sizes and paper stock. One could say that it is one of my obsessions. I just love the feeling of holding a new sketch book in my hand, so empty, full of possibilities and I love the nervous feeling of making the first sketch in it. Last week I got a sketch book in the mail that I have been waiting for. I have signed up to part of “THE SKETCHBOOK PROJECT”, which is a very exciting project that artists from all over the world can participate in.

If you haven’t heard about this project here is a bit of info on it. To be part of the project you have to purchase a sketchbook for $25 from here, choose a (loose) theme, and sketch away until January 15, 2011 when all of the books must be returned to the Library. In March, the tour will take the thousands of sketchbooks that they receive on an Art Gallery tour. It’s pretty much like a concert tour for sketchbooks. After the tour all sketchbooks will enter into the permanent collection of  The Brooklyn Art Library for the public to view. The theme I have chosen is “Below the surface”. I am very excited and maybe a bit scared to start working in my sketchbook. The thought of it going on tour with thousands of other artists’ sketchbooks is exhilarating. Check back to get updates on my progress.


The Sketchbook Project: 2011